Policies & Procedures




Rosia Little Drama School is continually focused to be the best in the Early Learning field by providing the highest standards in Early Education. We strive our best so that children can achieve developmentally appropriate learning goals; as well as superior care and customer service by developing relationships for the long term with staff, parents, children, and community.


We provide a fun loving preschool play place forchildren.


Rosia Little Drama School strives to provide a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment for young children in which they can safely explore, learn, play and develop in all areas of growth: physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

We believe in being supportive of our parents; we welcome their positive involvement and presence at Rosia Little Drama & PreSchool at all times.

We further believe that with a caring atmosphere, where parents and teachers have open and honest communication, children thrive and have the opportunity to blossom into responsible, considerate and contributing members of our society.


Our Quality Learning Center is open to children ages 2 to 5 years old without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, and mental or physical disabilities.

We do all that we can to include every child, we accept children with special needs and work hard to provide a meaningful learning experience for all children. 

However, enrollment for any child is contingent upon safe behavior by child and following teacher's directions. If a child's behavior is deemed unsafe for child's own safety or safety of other children in classroom, we reserve the right to dis-enroll child immediately.  

We cannot provide one on one care and should that be necessary for your child, we will assist you in finding appropriate alternative care.


PARTNERSHIP (Grievance Procedure)

We encourage you to discuss any classroom issue with your child's teacher if needed.  We may ask to take a message during class time rather than transferring calls to prevent a disruption in the classes' learning experience. We strive to provide the highest quality of care and education to the families we serve.  We welcome parent input and will make every effort to resolve concerns; however, we ask that concerns always be communicated in a professional and courteous manner and that all our staff be treated with the respect they deserve as partners with you in caring for your children.

For concerns that require lengthy conversation well as management.  If at any time you feel that issues are not being resolved, please feel free to talk to any member of management. 

If a member of management is not available to address your concerns immediately, an appointment will be made as soon as possible.


The relationship between parents and the center's staff is vital to the success of the child's experience.  A partnership must be formed the first day, with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority.

   Parents can assist and help ensure a smooth transition by doing the following:

  • Sign children in and out at the front desk and then escort them to their designated class.

  • Update forms, as needed, when changes occurs i.e., new phone number, address, etc.

  • Keep staff informed of special needs or changes that might affect your child's behavior.

  • Notify the center if your child is ill.

  • Do not bring an ill child to the center.

  • Notify the center if your child will be absent.

  • Notify the center if you will be later than usual picking up your child.

  • Provide a change of clothes marked with your child's name (We are not responsible for lost clothing.)

  • Children should be dressed properly for the weather and play.

  • Do not allow children to bring toys to the center.  We are not liable for any lost toys or electronic items.

  • Participate in the center's special activities.

  • Attend scheduled parent meetings and conferences.

  • Ask questions and address concerns as they arise.  We ask that parent address their concerns in a professional, confidential, and constructive manner.

  • Please refrain from bringing outside food into the facility. We are a peanut free school and provide all meals for your children.

  • Please drop your children off before 8:30 AM or after 2 PM to prevent disrupting the lunch and naptime routines. (curriculum starts at 8:30AM and naptime starts at 12 Noon)


Tuition rates are based on weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly basis.  Parents may set a payment schedule that best suits their needs.  

Accounts must remain current, if a balance is over one week old, the child may not be permitted back into the center until it is paid. 

For Weekly tuition agreements, tuition is due by Wednesday. We will assess a late fee of $25 after that. 

A fee of $25 is charged for returned checks.  Late fees are applied on tuition not received by the close of business Monday of the current week.  Tuition not paid by the close of business Thursday will be assessed an additional late fee.

If your child is picked up after (TBA) , a $25 fee is assessed.  For every additional 10 minutes after 6:40 PM another $25 fee is assessed.  After (TBA) , and additional charge of $2 per minute is assessed and, as mandated by Licensing, we will have to contact the Constables Office. Calling our center to say that you will be late does not waive the late fees. 

Since staffing and other operational costs are incurred on the basis of fixed levels of enrollment and because few of these costs are eliminated when the child is temporarily absent, we cannot give tuition refunds or discounts for days your child is absent.

Fees are based on enrollment, not attendance. 

No tuition adjustments will be made due to illness, holidays, school closings, or transfers.  Days cannot be exchanged or made up for other days.


The center is open fro 7 am-5:30 pm.  

For up-to date and latest holidays, please contact our main line. 

We are tentatively closed on the following holidays: 

·       New Year's Day  (New Year's Eve closing early) January 1st

.       Good Friday 

·       Memorial Day

·       Independence Day

·       Labor Day

·       Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after ** Subject to Change

·       Christmas Eve & Christmas Day ** Subject to Change


Please dress your child for school in comfortable, washable play clothes that will allow him/her to thoroughly enjoy all classroom and playground experiences without being overly concerned about being messy. 

The paint we use is washable and we make every effort to be careful but we would rather focus on your child having wonderful play and art experiences instead of worrying about their clothes.  Tennis shoes or other shoes with rubber soles are preferable to boots or sandals that cause children to slip or trip easily.  Closed toed shoes / sandals are required to have a heel strap. 



We ask parents to celebrate a child's birthday outside of our school.  The Lead Teacher will make sure that a child's birthday will be recognized and celebrated with a special activity in his/her classroom and the child will come home with a special birthday crown. 

This allows the teacher to stay on her daily planned curriculum activities but most importantly; every child's birthday will be recognized and celebrated.  If you would like to invite your child's classmates to his/her birthday party which takes place outside our school, we can distribute the invitation to his/her classmates.  We ask that each child receive an invitation.

GANG-FREE ZONES  (746.501 #22)

As a result of House Bill 2086 that passed during the 81st Legislature, Regular Session, Chapter 42 of the Human Resource Code includes section 42.064, effective September 1, 2009. This new statute requires that information about gang-free zones be distributed to parents and guardians of children in care at licensed child care centers.

The following is a tip sheet to assist in complying with the new law. This information may be posted at your child care operation or copies may be provided to parents.

What is a gang-free zone?

A gang-free zone is a designated area around a specific location where prohibited gang related activity is subject to increased penalty under Texas law. The specific locations include day care centers. The gang-fee zone is within 1000 feet of your child care center. For more information about what constitutes a gang-free zone, please consult sections 71.028 and 71.029 of the Texas Penal Code.

How do parents know where the gang-free zone ends?

The area that falls within a gang-free zone can vary depending on the type of location. The local municipal or county engineer may produce and update maps for the purposes of prosecution. Parents may contact their local municipality or court house for information about obtaining a copy of a map if they choose to do so.

What is the purpose of gang-free zones?

Similar to the motivation behind establishing drug-free zones, the purpose of gang-free zones is to deter certain types of criminal activity in areas where children gather by enforcing tougher penalties.

What does this mean for my day care center?

A child care center must inform parents or guardians of children attending the center about the new gang-free zone designation. This means parents or guardians need to be informed that certain gang-related criminal activity or engaging in organized criminal activity within 1000 feet of your center is a violation of this law and is therefore subject to increased penalty under state law.


Abuse can also be reported online https://www.txabusehotline.org/Login/Default.aspx Texas Abuse Hotline is 1-800-252-5400.If you have access to a computer with Internet then a better way is to do a google search for “Texas DPFS Denton TX” and please look for latest numbers.

Texas Law requires caregivers to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services or law enforcement.  Anyone suspecting abuse or neglect should call (940) 381 3400.

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/, 535 S. Loop 288, Ste. 2001, Denton TX 76205, and meet or exceed all licensing requirements. 

Our license is always displayed in the front lobby as well as the Director's license.  A copy of the minimum standards is available for parents to review at our school.

 *** A Detailed and comprehensive parent handbook / operational policies and procedures handbook is available under Enrollment Section.