"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


Creativity Play Program 

Our Creativity Play Program is an opportunity for children ages 3-5 years old to

  • explore their imaginations

  • overcome shyness

  • build self-esteem

  • increase concentration

  • gain confidence

  • express-and control- emotion

  • and enjoy themselves in a nonthreatening way





Preschool Program: (2 years - 5 Years)

Our Preschool Program at Rosia Little Drama & PreSchool is designed to make learning fun. We would like preschoolers at Rosia Little Drama & PreSchool to be independent and exercise a variety of personal, sharing, social and emotional skills.

We also encourage problem solving, cognitive as well as symbolic thinking, math concepts and logistics. Blocks and other mathematical manipulative promote planning, problem solving and concepts of physics and creative thinking.

Art projects promote creativity and self-expression while music instructs our preschoolers in learning musical concepts through songs, games, hymns, rhythm, instruments and group ensembles. Dance and movement promote physical fitness and coordination.

Literacy, language arts and self-expression are encouraged at this stage and age. Our preschoolers are introduced to a wide range of activities that help promote communication, handwriting and language development. 

Preschoolers have opportunities to help make sense of their experiences and develop a better understanding of who they are while learning to care about others.



Hybrid Based and Remote Learning Program: 2-5 years old

Our Hybrid and Route Learning Program is designed for children who are home school or taking classes remotely from a private or public school. 

  • Remote Learning students get help with class assignments and homework.

  • Hybrid students get both remote learning help and get to participate in the Creativity Play Program from home on the computer or laptop and/or in person.